How to Clean your Winter Clothes


It’s autumn here in India and and soon the cool breeze shall mark the onset of winters. Winter wardrobes are so engrossing and the pre care and after care is of vital importance. Your favourite winter coat or cashmere sweater is your prized possession which your mom gifted on your anniversary. Should everything be dry […]

Why Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning is So Important


Why Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning is So Important You were routinely cleaning your closet and the sight of your wedding dress filled you with umpteen nostalgia. Your wedding dress, symbol of an important event of your life is the embodiment of your style and love story and should be treated with special care. Dry cleaning […]

Find Best Carpet Cleaner Near You


Its season of festivities, and the radiance of the same is already in the air . Friends and families visiting each other and exchanging gestures of love adds aroma to the celebration called life. We tend to keep our house clean and tidy and generally the cleaning and renovation begins a month in advance. Carpet […]

How to Take Care of your Luxury Handbag


Emperor Shahjahan loved Mumtaz so much to eternity that he gifted her one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the witness of their pious love for each other. It’s the masterpiece preserved by the government and world heritage centre. We all love our prized possessions and want to cherish them for years. A luxury […]

Save Time and Money With Professional Sofa Cleaning


Sofa or Couches are the most vulnerable décor of our living rooms. They not only beautify our lounges or homes but also witness the laughters and endless chirpings of our garrulous clan where we unite every evening after every one is back from work. This also means savouring evening snacks and slurping coffee and juices […]

Tips to Extend the Life of your Shoes


We all love to splurge on a quality pair of shoes we’ve been focusing for some time and finally decide to invest in it. No doubt quality plays a factor in how long they will last, but is not the only deciding factor. It’s the care for your shoes which determine if they will last […]