5 Secrets to a Beautiful Living Room


What is the most important place in your house? For food connoisseurs, it is the kitchen, for movie buffs it is their cosy den, that is the bedroom, for aficionados of life, it is the living room where one spends most meaningful time with family and friends doing conversations, amidst rounds of laughter and fervour […]

5 Tips for Finding The Best dry Cleaner Near You


Looking for dry cleaner’s near me ? The first instinct is to search Google and write the keywords  “dry cleaner near me”  and generally set our eyes on the one which is nearest and with decent online reviews. Let’s understand the drycleaning process first and then have a look at our checklist for finding the […]

Why Use a Drycleaning Pick up Service Near You


Drycleaning is a process which is meant to cleanse clothes. The experts at the drycleaning services  apply a unique method using special cleaning agents. Our dry cleaning services in Ghaziabad and all TLH stores use specially dedicated machines which gently rotates the clothes in the basket. With the inflow of clean solvent, the dirty solvent […]

Curtain Cleaning is Essential to keep your Home Clean and Healthy


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. In words of George Bernard Shaw “Better keep yourself clean and bright; You are the window through which you must see the world” Curtains bring rich hues and vibrance to decor of the room. Clean curtains bring fresh life and attractive scents to home. They are the lungs of your […]

Why Use a Dry Cleaning Pick up Service in Delhi/ NCR


Drycleaning  pronounced as luxury by many is not just an option but a necessity whose benefits are manifold. The benefits of drycleaning are umpteen making it a mandate for everyone to avail. It thus offers benefits which we can’t get from cleaning at home. Drycleaning helps in maintaining clothes properly and increasing their life span. […]

Stain Removal Tips – Lipstick, Ketchup and Chocolate


Stains are irksome. They are ugly but the real thing lies in dealing with them and acting quickly to minimise or even get rid of stains entirely. You just pulled a neon t-shirt for a early morning walk and phew there is this lipstick stain on the collar. Those adorable yet irritating stains can be removed with […]

How to Remove Beer and Liquor Stains from Clothes and Carpet

Remove Beer and Liquor Stains from Clothes and Carpet

Thank god its Sunday !! This might act as a saviour from the week’s weariness as you have got a chance to mingle with peers and friends at home in the evening. And in the same be-wilderness, when the music is loud and everyone dancing to the tunes of DJ mixes of Badshah with their […]

How to Wash Winter Clothes


Its post monsoon, which is the onset of Autumn followed by dreadful winters here in many parts of India. Winters shall be knocking soon at the doors and are we ready is the question? And this apparently includes pre and post care for winter clothes. The cashmere sweater which your mom gifted you on your […]

3 Ways to Clean a Carpet


Your carpet is so dear to you but oh it’s a vulnerable victim and witness to all the dust, grime, pet hair and spills which get stuck in and make you feel miserable? Not any more! With these simple and effective techniques of carpet cleaning, we help you to be sorted with carpet cleaning woes. Here we are sharing […]